Thunderbird for Android

Mozilla Thunderbird is truly one of the most used and loved email client around. Windows users have dumped Outlook and made the switch years ago. Mac users love the default Apple Mail email client, but there are those who will stick with the more functional and feature packed Thunderbird. And, of course, Linux users will always stick with what they know best – the notion that anything from Mozilla works like a charm. Well, whether you like it or not, that is the truth – Mozilla has some kick-ass products, proven by its web browser Firefox and its email client Thunderbird.

So, since it is highly likely that you are hooked to Thunderbird for your email communications, you will most likely want to bring it around with you, especially now that smartphones and tablets are poised to rule the world of computing. So you search and scour the web for Thunderbird for Android only to find that nothing exists as of yet. The truth of the matter is that Mozilla still hasn’t gained any ground in developing a version for those mobile operating systems. They do promise that it will come anytime soon, but for now, everything is dead in the water.

So, while there hasn’t been any official word when a Thunderbird app for Android devices will come out, here are some alternatives you can sink your teeth into. If you have a Mac or a PC, then rest assured Thunderbird works great with your devices. Let’s get right the different possibilities you have:

Fake Mozilla Thunderbird for Android

Alright, this is a stupid alternative, but an alternative nonetheless. If you are the type of guy that wants to impress your friends by showing them a version of Thunderbird on your Android phone, then this app may just work. It basically launches the Gmail email app, but it does it in a way that it looks exactly like Mozilla Thunderbird. In fact, the startup logo of Mozilla Thunderbird pops up as you run the app. Again, this is only useful for Gmail users and devices with Gmail app already installed.

K9 Mail

Thought to be the best email client for Android, K9 delivers some key features that Thunderbird had in the bag on its Windows, MAC, and Linux clients. For instance, K9 has IMAP, POP3, and MS Exchange 2007 and 2003. It also comes with features like multi-folder syncing, contact list syncing, signatures, flagging, filtering, and other notable customizable options that you have come to love from Thunderbird. Oh and yeah, K9 is open source, so you know that the devs had Thunderbird in mind when they developed it.

Thunderbird Portable

Obviously, the real reason why you want Thunderbird on your mobile is for the reason that you want to check your email wherever you are the way you do on your PC or Mac. Well, since Thunderbird isn’t on a mobile device yet, you really can’t. The next best thing you can do is use Thunderbird portable – an app that allows you to install a standalone, executable version of Thunderbird on a flash drive or SD card. This will then allow you to run the app on any Windows-based PC, netbook, laptop, or device that doesn’t have Thunderbird installed and configured. Interested? I thought you might be – here is the link to the download page